Christian life coach


“I am certain of one thing in my life: If my relationship with God is in daily focus, He will take care of everything else.”

Christian Coaching with Jim Butler

Coach Jim Butler

But sometimes, we all need a reminder that we’re heading in the right direction. That’s why I became a (board-certified) professional Coach. A coach with a lifelong Christian foundation and 40+ years of entrepreneurial business success.

Are you facing big changes ahead?

Maybe you’d like to start a business……or sell one. Perhaps you’re nearing college graduation and seeking the best possible career fit. Have you got a neat, new idea that needs to be nurtured and validated? Maybe you want to elevate the “fun factor” of your career using the talents and gifts you already possess. Is your goal to live with real purpose and fulfillment? That kind of “forward focus” is my specialty, and I’d like the opportunity to work with you.

Let’s begin with a “get acquainted” phone call or email as you consider your next steps. I think you’ll find a Christian coaching partnership that provides clarity and confidence as you navigate the journey ahead.