Christian life coach


Meet Coach Jim Butler, CPC, ELI-MP

One of my favorite quotes was penned more than 100 years ago by Theodore Roosevelt.
He said, “Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.” How right he is.

Harnessing the power of a client’s inner confidence, clarity and certainty is my strength as a certified professional coach. Sometimes, knowing what we are “good at,” or discovering our “real purpose in life” comes to us as a whisper. By working closely together, we can turn up the volume of that whisper into a confident, clear and certain voice. A voice that navigates your life’s path in absolutely the right direction….your own “true north.”

That’s been both my philosophy, and my experience. (Click here to read more about Jim Butler.)

Working together, here are some of the objectives you and I can work toward:

  1. Finding what you truly want to do with your life
  2. Overcoming both internal and external 
  3. Learning to take action responsibly
  4. Getting in touch with your energy and your physical and emotional health.
  5. Tapping into your own maximum potential.
  6. How to focus on what’s most important; recognizing priorities.

Throughout the coaching process, I rely on some collaborative processes and tools to ensure rapid and sustainable growth in my clients.

  • AIM SMART GOAL Setting
  • Value assessments tools
  • Self-leadership exercises from master leadership coach Bobb Beihl
  • Unique Design Discovery tools
  • Motive exploration tools
  • Strength Finders
  • Briggs Meyer Assessment

How do you know if coaching is right for you?

If you seek an abundant life of fulfillment and meaning, then please consider the process for yourself. If you are searching for clarity, purpose, confidence, effectiveness or success, then a coaching relationship may provide the traction you need.

Here are a few examples of where my coaching expertise could bring you rapid, sustainable growth and other benefits:

  1. Looking to start an entrepreneurial adventure? This could mean exiting out of your current job to start a new career. Or it could be a new function in the same company. You are looking to maximize the opportunities in the transition.
  2. Sold the company and wondering now what? One of your dreams has come true now that you’ve sold the company. Now you are facing the wide horizon of choices. You are asking yourself, “How can I MAXIMIZE the remaining days of my life?” Looking for alignment with your values that brings abundant fulfillment.
  3. Entrepreneurial startups. Have an idea that you would like to move toward a reality?
  4. Solo Entrepreneurs: Clarify ‘success’ and maximize resource to experience success.
  5. Entrepreneurial minded professionals looking to navigate their organization or department into new territory or a new season of growth.
  6. Retirees looking toward legacy by increasing their fulfillment and adventure.
  7. Couples who are looking for greater alignment concerning their direction and values.
  8. Students who are looking for life direction based on their passions, values and dreams.

I invite you to take the next step in reaching your full potential. And I might even suggest an update on that earlier quote: Believe you can, and you’re 100% there. Call or email me today for a no-obligation chat. I look forward to working with you, and thanks for reading.